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Energy Bracelet in Wild Jasper

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The jasper stone benefits those who feel stuck on a religious or artistic level, or if they find that their enthusiasm / motivation is limited. Jasper helps to open the mind. It allows you to tap into your artistic energies to allow you to discover infinite potential. This stone has various healing properties that can benefit everyone. It is called the cellular jasper stone due to its ability to heal on a deeper cellular level. Wear this beautiful and distinctive bracelet when you feel depressed or tired. The healing properties of jasper include: uplifting the mind, bringing joy and happiness, helping to release negative feelings / thoughts / emotions.

In our shop, all jewelry is handmade and unique. Each stone has been carefully selected and we offer only the highest quality stones. By ordering the energy bracelet in Wild Jasper, you will get hold of a unique handmade piece!

Materials: Jasper, crystal, rope
Dimensions: approx. 17 cm, adjustable
Handmade with love and care